Posted by: Vallere | April 13, 2010


My parents have a timeshare up in Massanutten, which is a beautiful resort area in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. My family joined my folks this week and we’ve been having a blast!

Friday night, when hubby got off work, we drop up to my parents’ house to spend the night and then we all headed out Saturday around mid-morning. We stopped for a wonderful country breakfast on the way and really enjoyed the scenery as we made the 4 hour drive up to the mountains. We made a couple of pit-stops and the boys found a great field of dandylions beside one of the gas stations that we stopped at that they had a great time playing in. We got to see some close up views of honeybees as they went about their “pollev” gathering (as as my 4yo says).

We arrived at the timeshare right at 4:00pm, which was check-in time, and headed to our room to relax for a while. It’s a gorgeous place, a mountaintop room overlooking the entire valley. Deer just graze right in the yard and on the side of the road – they are completely unafraid of the people here. Our room is fabulous, as well. It’s two stories with a complete apartment on each floor – 2 bedrooms (one with a regular bed and one with 2 twins) and two full baths, one of which includes a shower with 2 heads and a jacuzzi tub!

Saturday afternoon we relaxed for a while and then went out for supper at a great buffet place and then bought a few books at a bookstore nearby. Sunday morning we all slept in and then went on a nice, long walk up and down the hilly roads nearby. That totally wore me out, and I came back and took a nap for a couple of hours. My stamina is shot this far into a pregnancy! After I woke up (with Ian curled up asleep beside me *swoon*) we started packing our warm clothes up so that we could go camping!

We drove up Skyline Drive, part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and pulled into the Big Mountain campgrounds. We went ahead and set up our tent at around 4:00pm, and then drove a little ways down the road so that we could hike down a trail to see the Dark Hollow Falls. It was about 1.4 miles round trip, but was quite steep. Again, I was completely worn out by the end, but the boys had a blast playing in the water and throwing sticks into the stream to watch them float over the falls. Ian was a trooper and walked the whole way by himself, and hubby carried Zollie in a Mei Tai on his back. FYI it was a Babyhawk and my husband really loves the padded shoulders. He said it was very comfortable and he could have carried Zollie all day in it.

We arrived back at the camp site at around 6:15 or so, and got a fire going in the firepit while we blew up the air mattress (for me…my hips are in a bad way right now and there is no way I could have lasted sleeping on the ground). The boys loved cooking hotdogs and marshmallows on a stick! Hubby and I wrapped some sausages and onions up in tin foil and tossed it in the fire…delish! We sat up for a while after dark just listening to the sounds of nature (we could hear the coyotes yipping from across the valley) and letting the boys run around the campsite with their flashlights. At probably 9pm or so, we all headed into the tent and curled up under the blankets. I was amazed at how quickly the boys fell asleep.

As soon as the sunlight started filtering into the tent on Monday morning, I was awake. It was about 40 degrees outside and since my motto is “Taz HATE winter”, I was more than ready to get the crew packed up and head back to the house for a nice, warm bath. We stuck our heads out of the tent and standing not 10 feet away were about 4 deer! They completely ignored us as we walked right past them to get the kids in the car with the heat on, and got the tent packed up. They were amazingly close, and we got a picture, that I will try to remember to edit in once we get home. And then, on the drive back, we passed a small flock of wild turkeys…there was a huge tom and three hens. The boys thought they were super cool!

Monday morning, upon returning, we ate some yogurt and then filled up the jacuzzi and let the boys play in there for an hour or so while I napped a bit, then hubby and I both got to take showers to get the smokey smell off of us. We made some hamburger helper for lunch, and then headed out with my parents to the pond down the street to let the kids go fishing! They were into it for a little while, but then they spotted the little creek nearby and took off like a flash. They had so much fun romping in the water, turning over rocks, and building little dams. We moved over to the playground for a while, then back to the pond to give fishing one last go. After everyone was nice and hungry, we hit Pizza Hut for supper, then back home to rest for the evening.

It’s Tuesday morning rigth now, and the boys have already spent a couple of hours playing in the jacuzzi. My hubby has gone to work out for a bit and when he returns, we’re going to head to the indoor pool for a bit, and then hopefully the boys will take a nap while my mom and I get to spend some time together.

I’ll update more when we get home!


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