Posted by: Vallere | May 15, 2010

Phone interview!

A couple of days ago, DH had a phone interview with a doctor from a hospital in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia! He said the interview went REALLY well, so we are very excited! It sounds like the town is about the same size as the one he works in now, except the hospital is smaller, so one would think his workload would be lighter. They have a 10 bed child unit, but if hubby decides to do a mixture of child and adult psychiatry, he would get the opportunity to fly out once a month to run a rural clinic. What an amazing bonus!

Rockhampton is on the river, on the north-eastern coast of Australia. It is in the Tropic of Capricorn, so we are looking at warm winters and hot summers. Apparently they have more of a dry season/wet season type climate. It’s also the beef capital of Australia, so hopefully that would mean cheep meat! I’m currently in the process of contacting people from that area to ask questions about car seats, transportation, homeschooling, and other things that interest me.

We’re very excited about this possibility! The salary sounds right, but we need to find out more about the relocation package (ie, will they pay for all 5 plane tickets? New car seats once we get there? What will the house and car they give us be like? etc). I’m excited, but hubby is warning me not to get TOO excited…this could still all fall through in the end.

But I can’t help but dream about what landing in a totally new culture, where we know no one, will be like. Will I be able to find a group of like-minded mamas to hang out with? Friends for the kids? What sorts of new foods will we eat? Where will we buy the immediate necessities like towels!?

It will certainly be a new adventure, and I can’t wait for it to begin! Of course, right now, the thing I really need to focus on is this pregnancy. I’m 33 weeks now, and the house is still a wreck. I REALLY want to go though each room, and clean them out and organize them top to bottom. But I’m having a hard time finding the energy or motivation to do it. My hips hurt, and even walking up the stairs right now is enough to wind me and make me want to take a nap. Plus I still have 2 boys who need my attention. I may have to see about sending them off for the weekend soon and seeing if hubby will help me do a deep clean. I can not, I WILL not, birth my baby in a house that looks like this!


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