Posted by: Vallere | July 3, 2010

Big news, small package

It’s been a while since I updated, but I have an excuse! We celebrated the birth of our daughter, Ceirdwyn Annette, on June 25! Starting the Friday before she was born, I began having contractions that varried from every 10-20 minutes. Those went on all week. All day, every day. By the end of the week I was so tired and getting really frustrated that “real” labor hadn’t started yet. But then, Friday morning, I woke up at just past midnight to go to the bathroom, and noticed that the contractions were more like 5 minutes apart, and were more uncomfortable than they had been. I woke my husband up and we timed them for a couple of hours and, while they stayed 5 min apart, they weren’t getting stronger, so I ate a snack, drank a big glass of water and took a bath. After that, they had spaced back out to 10 min apart, so I went to bed. I got back up with hubby when he woke up for work and they were still 10 min apart, so I told him to go on to work and I would call him if I needed him.

At 9:30, the boys woke up, and as I sat up in bed I felt a small trickle down my leg. It was clear and didn’t smell like urine, so I called my hubby at work just to let him know and said I would call him if I needed him. By lunchtime, the contractions had picked back up to every 5 min and were getting stronger, so I had him come home, called my midwife to put her on call, and let my mom know because she had a very long drive to get to my house.

My husband got home at about 1:00pm and did some last minute cleaning, then we called my sister and she came over to help keep an eye on the boys, and also because she was going to be recording the birth for us. By then the contractions were very uncomfortable and so I called my midwife back and asked her to head on to my house, then we ran water into the tub until the hot water ran out. While we waited for the hot water heater to re-fill, hubby and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. By the time we got back at around 3:00pm, my contractions were definately painful and I was leaning over the kitchen counter during them, swaying my hips back and forth. We turned my Lorenna McKinnet CD on and lit a candle. My sister and husband ran another batch of water into the tub and then tried to fill it with cold water to lower the temp. Unfortunately, it had been in the 90s all week, so the cold water wasn’t cold, and we couldn’t get it below 110 degrees. 

I had moved to the birth ball by now and was really having to concentrate through the contractions. I just wanted to get in the tub! Eventually, after bailing water  out and adding cold water and ice, we got the temperature to 100 and I decided that was good enough for me! I got in the tub and sat back on my knees with my arms resting on the side of the tub. Oh, such relief! The boys saw that I was in the water and of course they wanted to get in, so I let them for a few minutes, but things were progressing quickly and it didn’t take long before I just couldn’t stand the way they were splashing the water around and not being quiet.  I just wanted to focus on the music and my breathing. So we made the boys get out and I think someone turned on a cartoon for them. My mom arrived at some point and got some cold bathcloths to put on my forehead and shoulders. My friend, Glynis, got here as well and began taking pictures. Then my midwives, Olivia and Meredith, arrived at sometime around 5:00pm. By then I was moaning through contractions and feeling like the end was near. I could tell that I was about 8cm dilated and completely effaced and that she was very low! My husband had gotten into the tub with me and was performing the very important task of applying counterpressure on my hips through every contraction. I don’t know how I would have gotten through them without him there.

Olivia came in with the dopplar and listened to her heartbeat through one contraction and said she sounded great and then went out into the hallway to set up her equipment, leaving the rest of us in the dining room.

 Just a few contractions later I started feeling pushy. Another contraction or two and I felt my water break. For about two more contractions, I could feel things change – instead of the contractions hurting low in my abdomen, I could feel them starting in the top of my uterus and cascading down, pushing my baby down into the birth canal. On the next contraction I had to push. I held the side of the tub with my left hand and raised up on my knees, and reached down with my right hand to feel my daughter’s head emerging. It was an amazing feeling as she crowned and then her head slipped out into my hand. I could feel her squirming around, turning her head back and forth and eventually settling down once she was facing my right leg. I could feel her ear and her nose and mouth, but I couldn’t feel her hair because I think some of the sack was still over the back half of her head.

At that point I got a little break between contractions and I realized Ian wasn’t in the room and that I had REALLY wanted him to see his sister being born. “Get Ian! Get Ian in here!” I remember saying and my mom went to get him (and I guess Zollie as well…I’m not sure). Once Ian got in the room on the backside of the tub, I heard him say “She’s coming out your butt!” and everyone laughed. I heard Olivia correct him, so I guess she and Meredith had come back in the room at some point, but they were being so quiet and respectful that I didn’t even know they were there until they spoke.

On the next contraction, I pushed her shoulders out and pulled her up onto my chest. Then I was able to turn around and sit down in the tub. I looked at her and realized the cord was around her neck, but I was so tired that I couldn’t quite figure out how to get it off, so I told my husband to help unwrap it. Turns out, it was around her neck once AND around her shoulder! We got her untangled, rubbed her back and bit and she pinked right up. It was an absolutely perfect birth!

Ceirdwyn was born at 5:43pm and weighed 7lb4oz and was 19.25in long with a 13in head and 13.5in body. She had a second degree tongue tie, which we  got clipped a couple of days later, and she’s a fantastic nurser and just cute as a button! I am just so, so happy to have gotten my homebirth! Everything went almost exactly as I had envisioned it, and I can’t imagine ever giving birth anywhere else than in the comfort of my own home.



  1. What a beautiful birth story. I finally had a homebirth for my third and absolutely L.O.V.E.D. it! Both of my older boys were there too, but it wasn’t planned that way… I just went so fast that my dad didn’t arrive to take the boys until about an hour AFTER the baby was born. 🙂 I blogged about it here:

    I’m coming over from the Hip Homeschool page on facebook when you mentioned moving to Australia! What a cool opportunity for your children!!!

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