Posted by: Vallere | July 24, 2010

The Journey to Oz, cont.

Wow, I’ve done a horrible job at keeping the locum tenens info updated on here! So much has happened! First of all, the Rockhampton position fell through. That was quite a bummer…it really sounded like the perfect job, even though we would have to deal with incredible heat all year long. We were willing to do that for the opportunity to be there. Unfortunately, even though the doctors that talked to my hubby were awesome, the admins at the hospital were being sketchy about the contract and in the end we just didn’t feel comfortable with what they wanted to do, so we pulled out.

Then came an offer from the city of Toowoomba. It’s a little over an hour inland from Brisbane, so the climate will be much better there – much more like what we are used to in NC, though I don’t think their winters are quite as cold. The doctors there sound really nice and, even though the position will be mostly an adult one, we’ve decided to accept the offer. At this point there are no other prospects, and we really WANT to go, so we feel like we either need to take the leap or spend years regretting not doing it. Also, the doctors there say they will try to work to get hubby a more child-centered position once he’s there and settled. It sounds like they are opening a child unit and have said they’ll push for him to get a position there once it opens, so that sounds promising. Also, the pay will be higher than what we were expecting, which is another bonus.

On the social front, I’ve already found a moms group at the Toowoomba Mums Forum as well as a christian homeschooling group. Hopefully that means the kids and I will have some “insta friends” once we arrive. I’ve been doing a lot of emailing people to find out about the homeschooling environment, as well as trying to decide what neighborhoods we should look at. The position starts January 1, 2011 and I think the housing stuff will get worked out closer to our time to leave.

Of course, that leaves us about 5 months to figure out what to do with the house, the car, and the dogs. The dogs are my biggest concern right now. I think we’re going to have a hard time finding a long term home for them, especially with how crazy Bindi is.

Things on the homefront are going well. Ceirdwyn is doing great and getting really chunky, which is so cute. The boys are doing really well with her as well, except Zollie seems quite enamoured with her and keeps poking/patting/kissing her in very non-gentle ways. I’m feeling pretty well, though I can tell I keep overdoing it on occasion.

Hubby is doing some moonlighting one weekend a month through the end of the year. We are really looking forward to the extra money because it will help us pay down the credit cards and bank enough to get us through the 2 months of no paychecks we are counting on for Dec and Jan, as well as all the travel expenses. We’ve started getting paperwork together…hubby and the boys have their passports back already and we just sent Ceirdwyn’s off this week. I’ll get mine after the next pay cycle…those things are expensive!

I’m also waiting on the first moonlighting check to go school shopping. I can’t wait to get Ian’s curriculum for Kindergarten! Mystery of History Vol 1, Math U See Primer, Apologia Astronomy, and Hooked on Phonics (which we already have). I’m also going to pick up the Rod and Staff preschool books for Zollie since he loves “doing school” with Ian.

I really think 2011 is going to be our year!


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