Posted by: Vallere | August 2, 2010

Getting ready for Kindergarten!

We’re gearing up for the first day of school! Kindergarten for Ian officially starts on Monday – one week from today! I’m so excited that I’m about to jump out of my skin!

I bought and/or ordered the rest of our curriculum last week and now I’m stalking my mailbox, waiting for it all to arrive. Here’s a rundown of what we are using this year and how much it cost me.

  • Phonics: We’re going to keep going in our Hooked on Phonics books that I got *FREE* from a yardsale last year. We were looking around and I saw that they had the old version of HOP. I looked at it, and they wanted $25 for it, so I said I would think about it and let them know when we came the next day to pick up the book shelves we had bought. Hubby went to pick them up, and they had thrown the HOP books in for free. 🙂
  • History: I know history isn’t a typical Kindergarten subject, but I found Mystery of History and I’m just in love with it so much that I’m going to give it a test run this year. It is a Christian, Classical history curriculum, and incorporates world history, Bible history and church history. My plan is to just take it really easy – I’ll do it as a read-aloud and let Ian do the fun projects. We’ll hold off on the quizes and timeline for now. I don’t expect him to remember it all, just to introduce him to names and places. I paid $42 + S&H…and then after I ordered it I found another site selling it for $34. Alas!
  • Math: We’ll be using the Math U See Primer. I love the Math U See program…it has a DVD of an instructor teaching each less (so that I can get a good idea of how to introduce the topic…OR I can let Ian watch it with me before I teach the concept), a workbook, and manipulatives. It caters to all types of learner – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I paid $30 for the teacher manual and DVD (which I can reuse for the rest of the kids when they get to Kindy) and $20 for the consumable workbook, + S&H.
  • Science: I’m going to use a couple of different things here. We’re going to start the year with Our Father’s World (the first grade science book) from Christian Liberty Press. It’s an introduction to the days of Creation and I think it will be fun and go right along with the first few lessons in Mystery of History. I got it at our Christian book store, on the used curriculum rack, for $5. When we finish that up (hopefully by the end of 2010) we’ll move on to Apologia: Exploring Creation with Astronomy. I LOVE the Apologia books! They are science books from a young-earth Creationist POV, scientificially sound, as well as theologically sound. The best of both worlds. I also got this at our local book store, used, for $19.

Next weekend is Tax Free Weekend and I’ll go get all of our supplies then. Things I know I’ll need….dry erase markers, mechanical pencils, tape, glue sticks, highlighters, and lots and lots of construction paper.

We can’t wait to get started!


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