Posted by: Vallere | August 8, 2010

Busy week!

This past week has been super busy and stressful. Some of the business has been dashing around, doing fun things. But some of it has been the kind of stress that seems to be so pervasive that even when you try to hide it, the kids can still tell something isn’t right.

The week started off well, with me getting all the rest of my homeschool curriculum ordered as well as my mom’s birthday pressent. But, looming on Wednesday, was Zollie’s stimulation test at the hospital to test him for Growth Hormone Deficiency. In preperation for that, on Tuesday we took Ian to his best friend’s house, about an hour drive away, so that he could spend the night and not have to get up super early Wednesday morning. Driving long (or even short) distances are no fun right now, because if Ceirdwyn is awake in the car (which luck dictates she will be) she screams the whole trip. She does NOT like riding in the car at all. Not even a little bit. So the screaming added to hubby and my already growing tension as we tried to prepare for Wednesday.

Luckily, the testing on Wednesday went wonderfully. I’ve posted all the details of it on Zollie’s CaringBridge page. Please go here to read about it:

Friday was another very busy day. Lots of errands to run…first, to the post office so I could send off my passport application. We’ve now officially gotten all 5 sent off! Hubby and the boys already have theirs back, so we are just waiting for Ceirdwyn’s and mine to arrive. After that, we swung by the bank to deposit one of hubby’s reimbursement checks, and then went to the Health Department to make an appointment to apply for WIC for the kids. They qualify for WIC because they qualify for Medicaid, which is unreal to me, that their daddy is a doctor, but still makes so little that we qualify for government assistance. Granted, that’ll end in January, but we are getting it for now to cover the expenses from Zollie’s hospital visit, testing, and medications as well as Ian’s upcoming surgery that our insurance won’t cover. Everything was going very well that day, actually, until the door at the Health Department closed over Ian’s foot and tore three of his toes up. In case you can’t imagine, a 4 year old with blood dripping from their toes is a very LOUD experience for the people standing nearby. Very traumatic for all of us!

After I got his toes to stop bleeding, and carried him on my back to the car because he admanantly asserted that he could NOT walk, we went to a friend’s house to play with their kids while we waited for hubby to get off work, at which time we went out to supper at BW3’s – yum! Wings!

Then, following dinner where no one had to go to the car for time-out (minor miracle), we went to Staples and bought school supplies. Hooray for Tax Free Weekend! I have all sorts of fun new pens, pencils, markers, paper and other great stuff that I can’t wait to use.

Then today we went to the beach with hubby’s co-workers, which was fun and sad for me at the same time. It’s an annual family day for his department at his boss’s beach house. Last year, it fell a week or so after my miscarriage. So as we pulled into the drive way, all of those memories came flooding back. So after snacking for a bit (it’s a pot luck kind of gig), we changed into our swim suits and headed down to the beach. There is a tropical storm brewing way off the coast, and so the waves today were huge. Plus the tide was coming in when we got there, so where we set up our chairs (even though it looked pretty far back from the surf) ended up not being a very safe area to be. After playing in the sand for just a few minutes, a wave rolled in and drenched the kids and their buckets and shovels. Zollie was terrified! And Ian started screaming because the water made his toe start bleeding again. So Ian was screaming and hubby was trying to deal with him, and I was holding the baby, who was hungry and sweaty and not in a good mood overall. By the time we got Ian settled down and looked around, Zollie was GONE. I mean, even with all the people around us who knew him, he had just disappeared. I knew he had been behind me, so I was relatively certain that he wasn’t in the ocean, so hubby ran up towards the dunes to look for him. And there he was, hightailing it up between two houses, probably 100 yards or more away. Some girls caught him and brought him back, but he was screaming and terrified. And that was pretty much the story of the beach trip. He cried the whole time we were there, so the point where we left and just went to the pool, which closed about 30 min after we got there. So, overall, a 2+ hour drive each way for maybe an hour or an hour and a half of “fun” time. After the pool we just retired to the house and ate some dinner, then headed back home.

And the house is a wreck, so I guess I’ll be up late tonight cleaning. I have to get it done because tomorrow a friend from church is coming over and I’m going to give her a couponing tutuorial. I’m starting to limit the things I’m buying at Harris Teter now, because if it doesn’t get eaten by December, it has to be given away. And right now, we have enough mac and cheese, rice and jelly to feed a small country, I think.


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