Posted by: Vallere | October 10, 2010

It’s Binary Day!

It’s a once in a century day…Binary Day! 10-10-10. We won’t see THAT again! Well, maybe my kids will, but PG and I won’t. *sniff* Oh well, that’s life for ya.

Ok, y’all. My nerdy hubby is reading over my shoulder and wanted me to point out that other Binary Days do infact exist, and that we will in fact be alive to see them. 01-01-11, for example. Or even 10-01-11, or 01-10-11, or even 11-11-11 (for those who like it All On, All The Time).

Ahem, back to something less nerdy.

Yet another month has passed since I posted last. In that time, we’ve had another MRI, a visit to the eye doctor, and the first three weeks of Zollie’s shots. We (praise God) have the all clear for his Chiari. No surgery for now, and we just need to recheck him in 2 years. The shots are going terribly, but again, I won’t fill up this blog with Zollie’s medical issues. For updates and more details on that, see his Caring Bridge page at

Ceirdwyn is 3 months old now and is just cute as a button. She’s cooing and talking all the time and it is just precious! She’s scooching all over the place, which means she can’t be left alone on the bed or couch (she’ll fall off) or even the living room floor (we’ve found her halfway under the couch a couple of times now). Zollie and Ian are so excited that she’s so much more interactive now. They talk to her and she smiles at them and they just light up.

School has been going much better this past month. Now that the doctor appointments have somewhat calmed down we’ve (read, *I*) have been able to focus on school more. Last week we did our history lesson on the Garden of Eden, and for science we germinated wheat and did a unit on plants. Ian can now tell me the four parts of a plant (roots, stem, leaves and flowers), name plants that are used for making clothes, building houses, and eating, and can tell me foods we eat from the different plant parts (ie, carrots are a root, lettuce is a leaf, asparagus is a stem). We had been chugging along in math quite well, until we hit chapter 9, which is about place value. I think we are going to have to skip that and come back to it later. Even though Ian is very math oriented, tens place seems to be beyond him for now.

Things are moving right along for our trip to Australia. We all have our passports and have appointments set up for everyone to get their physicals so that we can get our visas. We’re trying to find someone to watch the dogs/house for us. As excited as I am, realizing that we only have 3 months left has pushed me over the line into “anxious”. There is SO much left to get done, and so little time to spend with family. Hubby and I both have grandparents who aren’t in the best of health, and it is very possible, if not likely, that one or more of them will pass away while we are overseas. If that happens, it is very UNlikely that we will be able to get a flight home fast enough to attend the funeral. I also have a cousin getting married next summer and a sister graduating college in May. Knowing that we will be missing out on all of these things puts a bittersweet edge on the excitement of the trip.

I’m still very excited, though. I’m looking forward to living in a different culture. Being around all new people. Seeing what church is like in another country. Having less “stuff” (Oh how happy I am about that! A whole year of¬†minimalist living!). Having more TIME (we’ll arrive with no extra curricular commitments…we can say yes to only the things we really WANT to say yes to, which means more time together!). Having more money – with the caveat that being rich does NOT appeal to us, but we have been scrimping by for so long that the idea of being able to pay all of our bills on time and actually have a bit of disposable income at the end of the month is very freeing. Having money in savings is something we’ve never had the luxury of before. Coming up short every month is so stressful. Wanting to do something for the kids (like signing them up for an activity) but not being able to because we don’t have enough money is stressful. I just want to be comfortable – to have one less stress on us. And especially to know that we can GIVE. To church, to charity, to others. Being able to just GIVE is another luxury we haven’t had before.

So anyway, we are working on the details of the trip now. We should find out where we will be living next month. We’re working on the travel arrangements and seeing if Hubby can get a change of venue for his board exams so that we can layover in LA on the way out of the country for him to take them. If that happens (oh please, God, please let that happen!) I’ll get to spend a few days with an awesome mama from the Christian Moms Forum ( Not only would THAT be awesome, but it will also put a nice break in the trip so that the kids have less constant time on an airplane, which I think will be better for ALL of us.

Toowoomba, here we come! 3 months and counting!


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