Posted by: Vallere | December 9, 2010

Closed doors mean open windows!

After the Australia job fell through, we had tentatively decided that the best idea would be for The Doc to get a job around here for a year and try again after that. It would have given him time to take his board exams, and we felt like once he was boarded, more opportunities would open up in Oz and we could choose where we wanted to go. The hospital he had been moonlighting at had given him 2-3 days a week to work during December, so we knew that even though his fellowship ended November 30th, we would have a month of leeway time for him to interview at various places to find a one year contract.

But the more we looked, fewer and fewer places wanted to commit to him for just one year. Most places want a 2 or even 3 year contract. Another place started out saying he could work 4 days a week until he took boards (to let him have a day a week to study), but then backed out and said they could only commit to 2 days a week. Everyone was giving us the run-around, and as the days ticked by in December, we were getting really edgy and concerned that he would be jobless come January.

It looked like every door we knocked on was getting slammed in our faces.

Then God threw open a window!

A town in New Zealand – Wanganui – made us an offer yesterday that just blew us away! The money is do-able (not as much as we wanted, but it’s standard pay for NZ), but the vacation days are awesome, and it’s a 100% child position (the one in Australia was 25% child, 75% adult). A bonus is that they are going to work with him to fly home and take his boards in April! We’ll be getting the same living benifits that Australia would have offered…round trip airfare, a furnished house, and a car.

The crazy part? The start date is January 31st!!! Counting in 2-3 days to settle in before his work starts, plus 3 or so days for the plane flight/layovers, we’re expecting to fly out on about January 25th. That means I have a whole, whopping SIX weeks to pack up everything and get our lives in order to move to New Zealand.

So I’m furiously emailing and researching to find contact people and a doctor for Zollie – all of that legwork I did for Australia now has to be repeated. But the town is GORGEOUS (and if you look it up…yes, that is Mount Doom in the backdrop!) and it’s small. It’s on a river and the beach. The temperatures are VERY mild. We are so excited and nervous and scared all rolled into one!


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