Posted by: Vallere | December 12, 2010

The preparation begins!

Last night we had a party to celebrate The Doc finishing up his fellowship. We had a mix of his co-workers, our friends from college, and family members. We ate oysters and brisket until we were about to burst, with cheesecake for dessert! All the kids got to play together and there were THREE babies to pass around and cuddle with! It was such a great time together!

Today reality sets in, though. It’s time to get serious about preparing for our trip. I’ve got some boxes that I plan to pack up today…mostly books that need to be sorted through. I’m hoping to do 2-3 boxes a day so that by January we are down to bare bones. I want to spend our last couple of weeks here visiting people and focusing on the last minute details… NOT packing up the house!

I’ve been able to contact a couple of people in the Wanganui area so far. One is a homeschooling family who is helping me navigate the requirements there. Luckily, I don’t think I’ll have to do anything since Ian is 5 – compulsory age in NZ is 6. So I can just take our books and keep on trucking. Another contact is a homebirth midwife who lives in Wanganui. She’s offered to help us get set up with groceries and a tour of the town once we arrive, which is so nice! It’s amazing how helpful and sweet everyone I’ve spoken to in both NZ and Australia have been. Everyone has offered to help us out. I already feel welcomed!

I’ve got a call into Genentec to see about getting an extra month of meds for Zollie and to see how to transfer his script to NZ. I’ve also got the name of a pediatrician in Palmerston North (the closest “big” city…about 80k people, and about an hour away from Wanganui) who I hope to contact soon to see about transfering his records. As soon as we find out what airlines we’ll be on I’ll call them and ask about what paperwork I’ll need to get his meds onboard hassle free.

6 weeks just isn’t much time to get everything done, and I think I need to set down and make a do-able schedule of what I hope to get done when. This is going to be an amazing adventure if we don’t run out of time! It’ll be interesting to see how well I can balance packing, making phone calls, and still homeschooling and keeping house!



  1. My advice? The homeschooling can slide. Seriously! I’d just let it go (other than maybe reading some books every day). They are getting read for the adventure of their lives—they can miss a month of school for that! Concentrate on all you have to do to get ready to move and once you get settled in you can resume your homeschooling schedule. And you can always homeschool year round to make up for a few weeks taken off now! 🙂


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