Posted by: Vallere | December 19, 2010

34 days and counting!

We got our flight itinerary today…we will be flying out of the US on Jan 22, laying over in Fiji for 2 days to let the kids (and us) streach a bit after 16 hours in the air, then flying on to Auckland on the 26th where The Doc will meet the Minister of Health to prove his credentials, then on to Wanganui that evening. That’ll give us a few days to settle in and stock the house before he starts work on Jan 31.

This past weekend we decided to have one last relaxing vacation to give ourselves a little breather before the hard core packing begins. We went to Ocracoke Island – one of our most favorite places – from Thursday through today. The weather was horrible, but it was restful to just sleep in and have nothing important to do for 3 days.

Tonight and tomorrow we are packing as much as we can. Going through books and clothes, weeding things out, giving things away and donating items to charity. We’ll only be taking about 6 suitcases + 4 cary-ons with us, so not much “stuff” gets to travel. I’d love to not have too much stuff to come home to.

The folks at Global have been really helpful in all of this. They’ve promptly sent us paperwork to fill out for visas, returned emails with questions within 48 hours (usually 24 ), have set up our flights, and are working out all the details of getting us picked up and transported from the airport, touring the city, and finding us housing. There is no way we could do all of this on our on in such a short time! We’re so thankful right now for all of the people helping us to make this happen!


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