Posted by: Vallere | December 26, 2010

28 days to go!

Wow! We’re down to under a month! Time is really flying…probably because we “lost” the last week or so between our Ocracoke Island trip and then going to see my family this past weekend. It was great to get to see family, but the downside was the The Doc had to work out of town almost all week (worked Tues and Wed, off Thurs, worked Fri, Sat, Sun), so we didn’t really get to see him at all. We got word from him just as the kids and I got out of town on Wednesday that snow was expected in the town he’s working in and that he was doubtful he’d even be able to come home Sunday night. We were really bummed – he was expecting to not get to make it out of town before Tuesday night – and that would put it at a whole week without getting to see him. His mom is a gem, though, and said she would watch our dogs for us so I could drive up with the kids to spend the weekend with The Doc! So tonight I dropped the dogs with my inlaws and drove up to the house The Doc stays in while working up here. The kids and I were so excited to see him! (we hadn’t seen him since Tuesday night).

This has been a big weekend – it was Christmas and although we have decided to celebrate Hanukkah at our own house, we did want to spend time with family for Christmas since everyone would be there from out of town (which just never happens, sadly). The kids were given WAYYYY too much stuff (which stinks because they really can’t take much of it at all with them to New Zealand). I also really hate it because I think all the gifts are just reinforcing the sense of entitlement that the kids are getting…they already “neeeeed” everything they see on TV. And besides, I don’t agree at all with Christmas from a religious standpoint (Dec was definitely not when Jesus was born – and especially Dec 25, which was a pagan holiday that was incorporated by the Church and given a Christian slant) or really a moral one (if it really IS all about celebrating Jesus’ birth…then why am I such a bad mom for not doing Santa?). But, we decided not to rock the boat with the grandparents this year, especially since they won’t see the kids next year. Next year, Hanukkah straddles Christmas, though, so we can just do Hanukkah and no one will notice! hah!

Speaking of New Zealand…we’re down to 28 days to get everything done!


My goals for this week are to pack up the kids’ toys, the rest of the books, and to go through my clothes and weed stuff out. I’m also hoping to go ahead and pack Ceirdwyn’s clothes (since I can just pack all of the ones she hasn’t grown into yet…super easy) and go through the 3T stuff to pack Zollie’s, and then pack all of the summer 5T for Ian. Reasonable goals, yes?

We’ve also had someone come look at the house who is interested in renting and caring for the animals. We are supposed to hear something back in the next week or so from her. I REALLY hope it works out! She sounds perfect…she’s an animal lover and I think could really benefit from a low rent situation, so it should work well for both of us!

Before I sign off, here are some pictures of the kids, including one of Ceirdwyn’s new trick – she’s learned to pull up on things AND crawl in the past 2 days. And in case you are wondering? Yep…she turned 6 months old today. In the words of Sebastian…”Somebody gotta nail that girl’s fins to de floor!” Also, a four generations picture – my grandma, my mom, me and Ceirdwyn. Enjoy!

Ian - 5 years old

Zollie - 3 years old

Ceirdwyn - 6 months

Ceirdwyn pulls up to a stand!

Four Generations - 12-24-10

Well, I’m off to bed for now! The boys can’t wait to make a snowman tomorrow (and by “boys” I mean The Doc and kids 😉 )



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