Posted by: Vallere | December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve = 22 days till we leave!

The Doc was off work yesterday and today, and I’m really happy with how much we got acomplished! We rented a storage building and have taken probably 4 loads of boxes and small furniture over already. Just about all of the books, a good bit of kitchen equipment that won’t be used in the next few days, some pictures and nick-knacks, DVDs, etc. We’ve got a couple of possibilities on renters for the house, all the paperwork has been mailed off, and for the most part I feel like we are on track to get everything done with time to spare so we can enjoy our last week here.

Tonight, some of The Doc’s former co-workers are throwing us a Going Away/New Year’s Eve party. It’s kid friendly, which is awesome, and we are really looking forward to getting to see everyone one last time. There’s a busy weekend ahead after that, too! Tomorrow morning, The Doc will go to his grandma’s house for the traditional collard greens and black eyed pees for New Year’s Day. Then, we’ll be spending the rest of Sabbath with my bestest friend and her hubby and 5 kids, who will be coming over so all the kids can play together while the adults get in one last round of D&D. They are spending the night, and leaving sometime Sunday morning. The Doc’s uncle (who is more of a brother to him) will be coming Sunday afternoon and spending the night with us. Then The Doc has Monday off as well, and I’m sure we’ll spend that doing more packing and cleaning.

These last few weeks are sure to involve lots of time spent with family and friends, and all the off time spent getting the house empty. It’s going to be busy, but exciting. The more stuff we move out of the house, the more at peace I feel…and I hope that we can get used to (and enjoy!) less “stuff” over the next year, and hopefully let that last forever.

In other news, Miss Ceirdwyn is pulling up on everything! She’s so tiny…she was standing up in the crib after her nap today and she had to reach up to hold the top of the rail! It’s weird seeing such a tiny baby pulling up on things. I wish she could stay little longer!


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