Posted by: Vallere | January 4, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

The New Year’s Eve party at The Doc’s co-worker’s house was so much fun! It was great to get to see a bunch of his friends for (probably) the last time for a year. A couple of his bosses were there as well, so that was special, too, that they came out to send us off. Lots of little kids running around as well…I think the final count was two 5 year olds, three 3 year olds, a couple of tweens and Ceirdwyn, who got the chance to drool on just about everyone there because I think everyone wanted to hold her! Everyone played so well together, too, which was great. Only one traumatic incident – Ian stepped on a sharp toy with his bare foot and got a little paper-cut type laceration. Unfortunately, he dripped blood in a path across the beige carpet. I think we were able to get it up, though, so maybe they’ll invite us back!

Saturday was a really fun day as well. For lunch, The Doc took all THREE kids to his grandmother’s house for the traditional New Year’s Day collards and black eyed peas. (He reports that they in fact did NOT have collards, and instead had boiled cabbage. He anticipates a year of no money and plans to blame it squarely on his granny.) Ceirdwyn enjoyed a lunch of mushed up bananas, which have quickly become her second favorite food, though I can’t see them overtaking breastmilk any time soon. I had the house all to myself for about 3 hours, allowing me to catch up on some cleaning and organizing in anticipation for my best friend Crystal, her husband and 4 of her kids to come over at around 2pm. The kids played and watched movies and the adults had a Dungeons and Dragons night that lasted into the wee morning hours (with the help of copious amounts of coffee and chocolate cookies) before we crashed. The Doc and I will certainly miss those games next year. I know the kids are going to miss each other as well. There will have to be lots of Skype time, postcards and letters.

Sunday, Crystal and her family stayed until about lunch time, and then The Doc went to meet his mom to visit with his aunt for a bit while the kids and I cleaned up the house. I’m excited to report that cleaning took much less time than it usually does after a day of 6 kids and 4 adults – decluttering has some awesome benifits! Later that afternoon, The Doc’s uncle arrived and immediately kidnapped him for supper at East Coast Wings. I hear they each had a couple of Insanity Wings (which are made with capsaisin extract and require a signed waiver before being served). The Doc enjoyed them…his uncle ended up with uncontrollable hiccups and had to chug milk to try to extinguish the fire. Have I mentioned before that The Doc is a bit on the wacky side when it comes to hot foods? No? Well, he is. This is a man who goes to a Thai resturant, asks for the hottest level of food they have, and then adds a bowl full of crushed Thai peppers to it and STILL thinks a bit hotter would be better.

Anywho, The Doc’s uncle spent the night with us and left around lunchtime today, and we’ve spent the remainder of the day cleaning and packing. So far this week we’ve taken about 5 or 6 carloads of boxes to the storage building, given away about 6 boxes of baby clothes, some baby gear, kitchen supplies that have been unused for far too long, and thrown away uncountable bags of trash. It’s been very liberating!

There’s still lots to do, however, but the more we do and the more days we tick off the calendar, the more excited I’m getting. I’ve been in contact with a woman who runs the homeschool co-op in Wanganui and she’s giving me the low-down on how to get local meats, eggs, honey and raw milk (which costs MUCH less there than here AND it’s LEGAL!). I can’t wait to meet her and all of the people there!


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