Posted by: Vallere | January 12, 2011

10 days left and God’s amazing provision

Well, we’re down to 10 days. We’ve made a lot of headway, but it still feels like there is a ton to do before we leave. This past weekend we went up to my mom’s to visit family. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, and really lingered with their hugs. If they don’t get to come see us off at the airport, that could have very well been the last time I’ll ever hug them. That really drives home the gravity of our decision to move overseas for a whole year. The Doc and I have talked about it, and we both know that there is NEVER going to be a “perfect” time to do something like this…someone will always be sick or in poor health. Even if we stay here until the grandparents have passed on, we’ll then be dealing with our parents getting up in age and the health issues that go along with that. So, in the grand scheme of things, there is no time like the present. It still tears my heart out, though. We just have to pray that they’ll be here to see all of our pictures when we get home next year and leave it in God’s hands.

Monday, The Doc wasn’t working, so we did a ton of packing that day. We also had a couple of families come by to check out the house. One after one, they declined to rent, but we finally have someone who says she’ll be by tomorrow to sign a lease. I can’t explain how much weight will be lifted off of our shoulders once we have a renter/dogsitter nailed down. Being this close to our flight date and still not having an idea of what will happen to our dogs has been an immense amount of stress on both of us. Things seem to be falling into place, though. We’ve also heard that our paperwork is in to the last person for peer review and should get signed off on, which will mean our visas should go through this week. Just over a week till we leave and we don’t even have our passports in hand! Talk about stressful!

I definitely want to speak to God’s provision for us. The first place we interviewed and seriously considered was Rockhampton in Australia. Then, we actually had a contract signed for Toowoomba. When the Toowoomba contract fell through, I knew God had a plan. That he was telling us to wait for a reason. I didn’t know if I would ever find out why we were supposed to wait, but I knew He had a reason. Well, this week, we’ve found out why. Both Rockhampton and Toowoomba have experienced “Biblical” flooding over the past few days. Toowoomba especially. They had 6 inches of rain in 30 minutes. They are calling it an “inland tsunami”  because a 6 ft wall of water came through downtown. 10 people are confirmed dead and 75+ are still unaccounted for. I can’t imagine what we would do if we were there (and we WOULD  be there, right now, right in the middle of it). We would be in a foreign country, in a city where we knew next to no one, with no idea where to go to escape the flood or seek shelter. We would likely be sent back to the US (if we didn’t die). Upon arriving back, we would have no house (it would be rented) and no job. I am so amazed by God’s provision for us and His perfect timing.

We so often get caught up in what WE want when WE want it. We think we have all the answers and that we can figure everything out on our own. That we know what is best for us. The Doc and I sure thought Toowoomba was what was best for us. It seemed like the perfect little town, we had contacted folks there, I felt like I had made other mommy friends…But these floods were not a surprise to God. And I can’t thank Him enough for sparing us from them.

Please keep all of the Queenslanders who have been caught up in the floods in your prayers. We’re talking about flooding an area the size of Texas. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected. Pray for the loss of property, stability, crops, homes, belongings, and most importantly, life.



  1. I cried when I read your Facebook post about the flooding there because my mind raced with all those “what ifs”. I just knew there was a reason that it all fell through. What an amazing God we serve. I feel so sad for those people. We will be praying for them. And of course, for your family and your safety in travels!

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