Posted by: Vallere | January 19, 2011

3 days to go…panic sets in!

In three days, we’ll attempt to board an airplane. In our hands will be 3 children ages 5 and under, 3 carseats, and 5 carry-on bags. I’m starting my prayers tonight for God to grow me an extra set of arms because, short of that, I’m just not quite seeing how we are going to manage this! Everyone is telling me not to worry and to enjoy the process, but I feel like stress is running my life these days. Were it not for adrenaline bursts, I’d have no energy at all!

On the house front, we’ve got a great renter nailed down. We feel really confident that she’ll be a wonderful tenant, and that she’ll take great care of the dogs. There were only about 5 major pieces of furniture that she wanted us to move out, and we’ll get that done tomorrow with the help of my baby sister’s boyfriend and his truck. We’re doing good on the packing as well. The kitchen and dining rooms are about 90% empty, the playroom is totally done (including cleaning), the kids’ room will be done tomorrow as soon as all the furniture is out. The living room and both bathrooms have had major dents put in them and should be easily done by tomorrow evening. Our room will be the big one – everything that didn’t have a home seems to have migrated in there, along with about 4 huge suitcases. I just have to keep telling myself it WILL get done…it WILL get done!

As far as travel plans, we are still being told we’ll be flying out on Saturday, even though our passports and visas are currently sitting in the New Zealand Embassy in Washington DC. FedEx overnight mail, don’t fail me now! The itinerary has changed a bit…we were originally flying at 1:40pm from Raleigh to Cincinnati, have 40 min to change planes, then flying to LAX. We’re now leaving earlier in the morning and flying through Atlanta instead, which will give us about a 3 hour layover. Downside…having to get on the road at about 6am. Upside…plenty of time to change planes.

We’ve been sent pictures of the house they’ve rented for us in Wanganui, as well! It’s GORGEOUS! 4 bedrooms. Let me say that again…FOUR bedrooms! *daydreams about having a proper guest room AND a dedicated school room* It’s in an area of town on the east side of the river called Bastia Hill, which apparently is on a rather steep hill overlooking the river. I hear the views of both the river and the volcanos in the distance are spectacular! And there are real, live palm trees in our back yard! *squee!*

Here are our teaser pics:

I think The Doc booked our room in Fiji tonight. I’m going to need a couple of days to relax in paradise after the stress of this week!

So the rundown for the next few days are…tomorrow morning I lead a La Leche League meeting while The Doc rides up to his mom’s house to borrow the truck. We meet back here with sis’s boyfriend to move out furniture. Then I do a quick clean and get cooking for The Doc’s cousin and his wife to have supper with us and say our goodbyes. Thursday, The Doc works half a day, while the kids and I head up to my best friend’s house to spend a last day with her and her kids. Her eldest, Noah, is my eldest’s best friend. I know they are going to miss each other terribly. That night we’ve been invited to another friend’s house for supper to save us from needing to do any more dishes. She’s an angel! Friday will be last minute stuff, I’m sure, and probably a bit of cleaning. We’ll also meet up with the tenant to give her keys and all of that stuff. Then spend the last night in our house for at least 12 months.

That’ll be super weird. And exciting. And scary. And stressful. And sad. And invigorating. All at once. As this whole last month has been!

We’re just going to keep on praying that God will let all the pieces fall into place in His perfect timing.

And also for that extra set of arms.



  1. Found your blog via HOME. I didnt know you were moving! I think ive met you, didnt you wear the sleepywrap to the Estaraium? however you spell that place 🙂 – I was the other mom with the gypsy mama wrap.

    Any who! what a beautiful place you will be living!!

    I have a blog to btw

    again my names Andrea, drea for short.

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