Posted by: Vallere | February 7, 2011

The greatest park in the world!

Before we left for New Zealand, we spent quite a bit of time learning about Wanganui and what it had to offer. You can go to to see the city’s official homepage. One of the pictures we saw on there was of Kowhai Park (pronounced Koh-fye), which is located on the East side of the river. The pictures of this park on the website looked amazing, and I gotta say, they don’t do it justice.

This park is every kids’ fantasy land. There is a gigantic tree house (spanning about 3 trees). A castle, made of concrete blocks, that is about the size of our house, complete with  spiral staircase and slide from the second story. A pirate ship (located in the moat outside the castle). A forest of moa statues (read up on moa…interesting and sad). A splash park. A kid-sized train that runs around the park. Numerous swings, slides, seesaws, and things to climb on. There is a nursery rhyme section with The Old Woman’s shoe (that you can slide down), the Three Bears (that you can picnic with), and Little Miss Muffet (where you go for a ride on swings hanging from the spider’s branch). There is a HUGE pumpkin housing gas grills and picnic tables. Tons of umbrella covered tables to sit at and a skate park.

This park probably covers 4 or 5 acres…maybe more. And the second best thing about it? It’s FREE…all of it, including the gas grills! (actually, you might have to pay for the train…I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll find out!) The BEST thing about it? It’s in walking distance to our house! Here are some pics to make you jealous! I’ll try to pan around the park, so imagine you are standing in the middle of it, turning to your left.

Far right - whale to climb in. Snake with swings hanging from it. Behind that - brontosaurous slide with Barney and Fred at the bottom.


The splash park...

The Antartic scene at the corner of the splash park.

Rocket ships, The Little Old Lady's shoe, and a mountain with tunnels through it!

The picnic pumpkin, Ian and Zollie dead center, and the tree house is in the distance (hard to see).

The Octopus, with different types of swings hanging from each arm.



  1. What an amazing park Vallere and such a blessing to be in walking distance!

    I look forward to reading about your new adventures and the beautiful pictures. Health and safety for all your family during your stay. ~michelle overby

  2. Wish we had that park *GREEN with envy* that is supper cool the boys loved it LOL

  3. That is a fantastic park! Wonderful creativity!!!!! I’d love to know the designers.

  4. Greetings from Greenville, Vallere! I love your blog! Your new home and the park sound amazing, and it was touching to read of the HS family who helped out with meals when you arrived. What an example! I loved reading about your balcony escapade (I could just picture you all shouting down to the person who didn’t speak English) and am glad that the repairman showed up at the right time! (My boys and I got a good chuckle from your story). I wish ya’ll the best as you continue to settle in, and look forward to your next update!

    • Thank you, Sharon! We are so blessed to be here with such kind people. I’m glad you got a laugh from our very own “balcony scene”!

  5. The kids want to know what day we can visit your park! I explained how far away it was to Emily but all she needed to know was that planes had bathrooms. She is ready to go. What a lovely place to be.

    • If you can make it for a visit, you are more than welcome!

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