Posted by: Vallere | February 25, 2011

New Zealand unit study

We have decided to take this amazing opportunity that we’ve been given, and use it as a jumping off point for a unit study year. My plan is for the whole year to revolve around topics we can study that are related to life in New Zealand…whether it be learning about the native animals and volcanos in Science class, learning new Maori words and about the Maori culture as part of Social Studies/History, reading books about New Zealand or written by Kiwi authors in Literature, or just taking nature walks and wondering at God’s creation as part of our Bible lessons.

Today we started on a lapbook. We went to and found some printables for some of the native animals to New Zealand: the kiwi, the moa, the tuatara, the kakapo, and the Portugese-Man-Of-War. We talked about the animals, their distinguishing features, and how they are similar or different from animals we’ve seen in the States. The boys colored their pictures and pasted them into their lapbooks.






Zollie's on the left, Ian's on the right.

Then we sat down and read a book about another native New Zealand animal – the weta. The boys love insects, so this book was really a hit! We found it in the library here, which has a really wonderful children’s section.

Next week, we’ll talk about the continents and oceans. I printed off an unlabled map of the world from and Ian and I will work on memorizing the continents and oceans and where they are located. Once he feels confident with that, I’ve printed off a really great, labled map of New Zealand from The Old Schoolhouse: For those with older kids, that link includes an unlabled map as well.

To be continued!



  1. Thank you for planning my lesson for me hon!!! LOVE IT

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