Posted by: Vallere | February 26, 2011

Another free NZ unit study idea!

As I was browsing around on the internet, looking for more printables and such that we could use for our unit study on New Zealand, I found a great link to a geography lesson! There is a book called Around The World that is written as a geography add-on for homeschoolers. The book contains 9, week long studies on different countries around the world. On their website, you can view chapter 1 for free, and chapter 1 just happens to be about New Zealand! This looks like a book that would be great for elementary aged kids, and could be well worth purchasing to supplement world history if you are lacking in geography. For now, I’ll take advantage of chapter 1.

It contains a full week worth of reading and activities. There is info on how NZ was found, the Maori people, the kiwi, a library book list, craft activities, map work (with beautiful maps included!), and recipes for some traditional NZ fare. Love this!



  1. Way to go finding that link! I’m kind of struggling to find a geography curriculum that works for us so I’ll throw this in my arsenal of possibilities.

    • I hope it works out for you! We just did a bit with it this morning, and now my 5yo can show me New Zealand, Australia, the USA, the Equator and the North and South poles on a map. I’m tickled pink!

  2. wow thanks girl it all looks wondertastic!!! see I made up a new word for you

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