Posted by: Vallere | February 28, 2011

The pros and cons of open windows

Our house, like most houses on the North Island, doesn’t have central a/c. There is always a nice breeze here, so you  just open your windows and enjoy the temperate climate. This would be a fantastic (not to mention CHEEP) solution to a stuffy house, except for one small detail…the windows here don’t have screens.

This leads to the pros and cons title. Open windows + no screens = interesting visitors to your home.

Con. Spiders. Edit: I’ve been informed by a true Kiwi that this is NOT infact a whitetail spider, as I had thought. Still…they are big and freaky and I DO NOT LIKE THEM! She says that this is a garden spider. That’s a little less scary, but still icky.

But, on the pro side, we found this little guy fluttering around in the window sill last night, tweeting up a storm. I have no idea what he is, but he was very tiny (fit inside my closed hand) and awfully adorable!

Verdict? The windows will stay open (until sundown, when they must be closed, lest we are carried away by mozzies) and I’ll keep my shoe handy for smushing arachnids.

Anyone who can ID the cute birdie gets a cookie! He was about 3 inches long, iridescent green, and VERY loud (or maybe it just SEEMED loud since he was about 10 feet away from us!). His call was a slightly trilled peeeep peeeeep peeeeep!



  1. I could NOT deal with the spiders! Miss you guys! Hey, can you email me your address? Susan Morrissey


    Bush Wren

    …How in the world am I going to get my cookie!!!????
    How about a cup of Earl Grey or coffee with whip sometime about a year from now 😉

    Hey, this is our week!!! Happy early birthday!

  3. It IS! Birthday week! Happy birthday to you, too, Glynis!

  4. Vallere ~ really cute bird. Did you catch it in your hand or just telling how small it was.

    Ok, so I am stealing your cookie Glynis…the bush wren is extinct. I say it is a white eye.

    • Amy, I did actually catch him in my hand, and then took him outside. He fit inside my closed hand with just his head pokin out of the “o” my thumb and index finger made. He was so tiny! I’m not sure he was full grown!

  5. or silver eye…..seems like they may be the same type of bird

  6. Cute little bird. I caught a finch in our house we bought last year. It was a forclosure and run-down so it had lots of little critters living in it. Thankfully they have relocated.

    This looks like a silvereye, also known as wax-eye, or white-eye. See

    p.s. I like chocolate chip. ;o)

  7. Hey we should all have a virtual party b/c not only is it you and Glynis it’s Alek and dennis too. Just fyi I would keep a boot around for smushing the spiders YUCK but I can handle garden spiders they are not scary at all.

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