Posted by: Vallere | March 12, 2011

Thursday’s Fun!

This past thursday, the kids and I skipped Mainly Music (which is a music class for littles and moms – very similar to Kindermusic in the States) to go to the beach with one of our new friends. “R” is a fellow homeschooling mom (ahead of me in both the homeschooling AND mom department, as she’s got 6 kids with the eldest being 11). We met a couple of weeks ago at playgroup and she made me instantly feel like I’d known her forever. She and her family had lived in Wanganui for a good while, in Castlecliff (one of the beach-side suburbs), and had recently moved closer to Taranaki for her husband’s job. She was back in Wanganui to visit her mom and her old homeschool friends, and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to meet her and her husband “G”.

So Thursday morning I got an early morning phone call from her saying that it was a beautiful day and we should all go to the beach. Having never seen Castlecliff, I was quick to take her up on the offer, so the kids and I piled in the car and drove out towards the ocean. We met up at her house and followed her to the beach. This was only about a 15 minute drive from our house. It never ceases to amaze me at how many truly beautiful, unique places are within just a few minutes’ drive. I really feel blessed to be in Wanganui!

This was another black sand beach with loads of driftwood which floats down the Whanganui River and deposits itself on the shoreline during high tide. Trees and branches everywhere = a kid’s paradise! We spent a couple of hours chatting and relaxing while Ceirdwyn ate more sand (her diaper the next morning was almost completely black!) and the 8 other kids ran amuck. The beach was nearly deserted…I think we saw about 4 other people the whole time we were there (which seems to be typical of these West Coast beaches)…so we didn’t need to worry about the kids too much. It was so nice to just sit and relax, drink some coffee, and get to know a new friend (and her mum!) better.

Seriously, mom? You dressed me like a FROG?

Mount Taranaki was just as clear as day in the distance!

The boys enjoying themselves.

R with a passed out Ceirdwyn. Some of those trees were amazingly large!

We snacked and played until lunchtime, when we had to leave so that I could get Ian to gym class on time. Ian wasn’t really sure about gym the first week, but now he can’t wait to get there. He’s getting really good at some of the things, as well! They worked on front and back rolls this past week. He’s getting so confident on the apparatuses (apparati?) as well!

 Zollie is allowed to play while the “big kids” have class, and he just loves playing on everything he can get to.

And a last one of brothers having fun together!

Thursdays are always fun, but this one was especially so! I’m looking forward to visiting with R’s family again when we get up towards Taranaki.

Thank you, God, for sending so many wonderful new friends into our lives!



  1. I remember doing a gym class when I was little. I bet your kids have a blast, I sure did!

  2. I second you on the thankfulness of putting friends in your life! I know how thankful I’d be.
    The beaches are beautiful!
    I’m glad the kids are enjoying life as well.

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