Posted by: Vallere | March 30, 2011

Shopping day

Well, we used the last of the oatmeal for breakfast this morning, and had to eat scrambled eggs for lunch because I was out of bread. So I faced the reality that I really needed to go grocery shopping and would have to do it alone, with all three kids.

I made a very minimal list – just the necessities that would get us through the rest of the week – and off we went…. to playgroup!

After spending a couple of hours with a group of ladies who all have more kids than I have, and then having the one with 7 kids say, “Oh yeah…yours are just at that hard age. In a few years it’ll be easier to shop with them because the older ones can help!” I decided to stop dreading it and head straight over after playgroup was over. (Besides, the gas light came on as I was driving there so I had to get gas anyway…)

We swung by Pack N Save and very quickly picked up some groceries. I have to give it to the boys – they actually were very good! Other than having to keep Zollie from smushing the bread a couple of times, we came out unscathed and only about $60 poorer. For that we were able to get…

  •  a HUGE bag of oatmeal,
  •  4 boxes of granola bars,
  • a half kilo of chicken deli meat,
  • a box of Cheerios (for Ceirdwyn),
  • a container of shortening,
  • 2 cans of tuna,
  • about a dozen bananas,
  • half a dozen apples,
  • 2 avocados,
  • 2 loaves of bread,
  • a 24 pack of dinner rolls,
  • 2x3L of orange juice,
  • and 2 bags of candy for “after Zollie’s shot”

Not too shabby!

Then we quickly swung by the house, picked up the empty milk/yoghurt/egg containers to return, and drove out to Ilse’s dairy farm. I picked up 2L of raw milk (from this morning’s milking), 1.5L of fresh  yoghurt, and 2 dozen free range eggs.

This is what NZ$20 will get you:

Skinny jar on left is yoghurt, squat jar is milk.

Ain’t it gorgeous?

And those eggs are HUGE, by the way. They make jumbo eggs in the US look miniature:

Well, we made it home in one piece, without so much as a meltdown. And the kids did great, too!

Now the REAL question…what’s for dinner?



  1. Wow! Those eggs are huge! I think I’m going to have to try to get some fresh eggs once our farmers market starts back up.

    I always find it a victory to get out of the grocery store without throwing a tantrum… and a super victory if the kids don’t throw one either. lol

  2. oh oh oh I know I know pancakes he he he he he

    You really stink with your raw milk off the farm

  3. I want some of those eggs. 🙂

  4. Looks great! Wish I had some fresh milk around here.

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