Posted by: Vallere | April 12, 2011

Around the house…

Just some fun things around our house!

Here is what I saw when I just walked into the living room. Apparently, chairs are for losers.

And this is what happens when you put some bread crumbs out on the patio. These are wrens (I think) and there were a dozen of them out there within about 5 minutes of me putting out the bread. We also have a fantail that likes to come and dance and sing to us, but he was being camera shy.

This is Ian with his new favorite snack – the feijoa (pronounced FEE-jo-ah).

We get them from our neighbor’s tree that just happens to have a few branches hanging over our fence:

This is looking out the side door, where the car is usually parked.

We had no idea what they were until I asked a Kiwi friend who came to our Purim party. She happily told me they were feijoa and that they would drop off when they were ripe. They do…often. We are able to pick up 2-3 a day.

To eat them, you just slice them in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. I’ve also been told they make great muffins.

Feijoa are so unique…I can’t explain the taste at all. Nothing I’ve ever had tastes like feijoa – except feijoa flavored gummies, which we bought the first week we were here and proceeded to rack out brains trying to identify the flavour to no avail. They are very aromatic, the way papaya is…the smell is so overwhelming that when you eat one you can’t tell if it has a taste or just a very strong aroma. Other than that, I got nuthin. You’ll just have to try one yourself.

Ian absolutely loves them.

Just a little glimpse into our house today. Don’t mind the messy floor, breakfast dishes still on the table, or jar of peanut butter on the couch. I promise, I’ll clean if I know you’re coming to visit!



  1. I didn’t notice any of the things you mentioned until you mentioned them! That fruit reminds me of something we ate in Indonesia–rambutan. It was soooo good! What I wouldn’t give for some rambutan.

    • I didn’t notice either until I posted the pictures and then I thought, “Oh my…my house is looks like a tornado went through!”

      I think, from reading on Wikipedia, that feijoa are a South American fruit. I’m not sure if they would be the same thing as the rambutan. You’ll have to come over and try one and let me know! 🙂

  2. I had to giggle at one kiddo sitting on the other. My two used to do that ALL the time.

    • Brotherly love…what can I say? At least they were sharing a tender moment in the midst of their ongoing wrestling match 🙂

  3. He he he ……… you would clean up if I was coming by there would be not point 🙂 I love that they are watching Little Bill they don’t show that here anymore

    • I’d do it anyway 🙂 Gotta super clean for Passover next week! I think we are hosting a couple of other families for the Seder. If everyone comes that I *think* will be here, we’ll have 6 adults and 12 kids 😀

  4. Yum! Ever since you posted about that fruit, I’ve been wanting some. I love exotic fruit. 😉

    Your kiddos are so cute!

    • Thank you! Hit a froo-froo grocery store and grab something you’ve never tried before! I love doing that!

  5. My boys love to sit on each other. Especially my youngest on my oldest!

  6. How interesting about the fruit. A few years ago our Costco had Kiwiberries. They were so unique and delicious and I have never been able to find them again.

    Thanks for the glimpses of your life.

  7. I love seeing how differently things are in other countries! Thanks for sharing your life with us, Vallere!

  8. I’ve found I don’t do well with really scented food. Papaya, rose/ water apples here are good examples.. I can’t get past the smell to see what the food taste like!

  9. Those little fruits look so interesting! I’ll have to add tasting one to my bucket list.

  10. Oohh, I want to try one!

    And I’m totally giggling … big brothers ARE chairs!

  11. Siblings make good chairs that is often a sight in my living room too. lol

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