Posted by: Vallere | April 26, 2011

10 months ago…

…I was snuggling my new daughter for the first time. She had just been born in our dining room. The perfect birth. Everything went exactly how I had envisioned it! She was perfect. Beautiful. Just a smattering of dark hair (which quickly fell out and came back in blonde, like her brothers).

That precious baby smell.

Those kitten noises.

Blue-gray eyes.

Porcelain skin.

Overwhelming love – again!

Adding children doesn’t divide your love…it multiplies it!

My sweet girl. My rainbow baby. My light at the end of an incredibly stressful (yet perfectly healthy) pregnancy.

Looking into her eyes made everything right in the world. Seeing her daddy hold her gently in his strong arms. Seeing her brothers plant sweet kisses on her head.

Life is good.

My wee bit is 10 months old now, and just took her first steps.

She’s saying mama and dada and baba…but I don’t think she means anything by them. She loves her baby dolls. She chases her brothers around on lightning fast hands and knees.

Thank you, sweet Ceirdwyn, for proving to me that miracles do still happen. That even though the definition of “normal” is as transient as the wind, life still goes on and Life. Is. Good.

I can’t wait to look back in another couple of months as we celebrate your birthday and see how much further you’ve come.



  1. She’s beautiful, Vallere!

  2. It goes so fast. After holding a new 1week old baby and then my own 5mo old I wonder where the time has gone. She’s going to be so big when next I get to giver a huge hug and a kiss!!! Watch out world here she comes!!!

  3. Blessings & tender union of emotion.

  4. She is so stinking cute!!!

  5. She’s so pretty. Time flies.

  6. She is so beautiful! And I love what you wrote…

  7. I can’t believe how big she is! She’s beautiful, Vallere 🙂

  8. SHe is so cute! Such beautiful eyes!

  9. She is just the cutest thing ever, Val! It’s hard to believe how much a tiny little person can melt our hearts so much.

  10. She’s too cute! I wanna squeeze her!

  11. Awwwww ❤ She's so beautiful! I loved walking your journey of her pregnancy and birth "with" you through CMF. Thanks for posting the pictures… she's just amazing!

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