Posted by: Vallere | May 10, 2011

Big birds and dirty kids

We had some more new visitors outside our house today! A pair of these beautiful Kereru (New Zealand Wood Pigeons) were filling up on berries from a bush in our front garden. These guys are huge…the size of a hawk or chicken. They are at least 3 or 4 times bigger than any pigeon I’ve ever seen in the states. I wish the pictures could do them justice, but it’s hard to tell just how big they are without seeing them in person.

They are this really pretty iridescent green/blue/purple color on their backs.

They also have a white breast with a white collar that comes up over their shoulders.

I was really thrilled to see them, as I’ve read that they are getting rare on the North Island. What a gorgeous pair!

And, since we were outside looking at the  birds, the boys asked if they could play in the cul-de-sac. It rained some yesterday so water was running down the gutter into the drain. The boys LOVE getting leaves and sticks and having them “race” down the water into the drain. And of course, Ceirdwyn had to show off her new walking skills. Yes, she’s only 10 months old, y’all. And my girl can walk, go up and down the stairs, and get down off the bed or couch by herself. *sigh*

Here’s a good shot of all of them playing in the water together.

Ian was making waves to get the leaves going faster.

Zollie, helping a leaf along that got stuck. (yes, he’s in pajamas…or, as they spell it here…pyjamas…sometimes it’s not worth the fight to get him into real clothes)

And the dirtiest baby in this hemisphere, I’m sure. She had a blast splashing in the muddy water. And then she had a blast splashing in the tub a few minutes later.



  1. The color on the birds was gorgeous, but I’ve got to say your kids are even more beautiful! The boys are both taller, and Ceirdwyn…I’m missing seeing her “grow-up”. I wish I could be there to see what her personality is like. She’s so lovely. I bet she and Alora would have a blast together…oh what a pair…mmm….Alora+Ceirdwyn=trouble, FUN trouble…:-)
    Imagine all the climbing, tottling, giggling, and screaming that would be! Why they’d probably drive the older four C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!

    • Oh you know it! Ceirdwyn already knows how to SCREAM when she’s not getting her way *sigh*. Little diva already. And she’s constantly all over the boys and in the middle of whatever they are doing, so you’re right…with their powers combined, the older kids would be in trouble!!!

  2. Your posts and pictures always make me smile.

  3. Beautiful babies! The birds are pretty too. I so enjoy seeing your pictures.

  4. Beautiful pictures! The kids look like they had a blast!! My boys love to get muddy!

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