Posted by: Vallere | June 26, 2011

Icky Illnesses, Ash Clouds, and Bunny Rabbits

Wow, what a busy few weeks we’ve had! A couple of weeks ago, I came down with the flu. So, so miserable. Luckily I started getting sick on a Friday, and The Doc was a trooper and took care of all the kids all weekend so I could sleep it off. I think I got pretty dehydrated – I was still nursing the baby quite a bit,  yet didn’t want to eat or drink anything – and I know that slowed down my recovery. But, by Tuesday or so, I was feeling much more normal. The Doc’s parents and sister were supposed to be flying into Auckland this past Friday morning, and The Doc had already taken Friday off work. Unfortuantely, Wednesday night he came down with the flu, too. He ended up staying home on Thursday and sleeping most of the day, and we just prayed that he would feel well enough on Friday to fly up to Auckland and make the 6 hour drive back to Wanganui with his family.

To complicate things more, Thursday night we got a call that their flight had been diverted to Sydney, Australia due to the ash cloud from the volcano in Chile, and the plan was for them to fly in Saturday morning instead. We were so sad to hear that they would miss a whole day to spend with us, but The Doc did get an extra day to recover, and he really needed it.

Then, a miracle occured! Friday night, we were checking on their flight status, and saw that the flight had been canceled again. We were just devistated. We ckecked all the airlines to see if anyone was still flying, and the only flights we could find were for late Saturday night or Sunday morning. Ceirdwyn’s birthday was Saturday and her party was planned for Sunday – the thought that they would miss her entire birthday, especially since they had planned their trip just to be here in time for it, was devistating. We said a prayer and went to bed with the phone beside the bed so that we wouldn’t miss their call when they found out their flight was canceled again.

At 2am, the phone rang. It was my sister-in-law saying they were in Auckland! We couldn’t believe it!!! So Saturday morning, we drove The Doc to the airport at 6am so he could catch a flight up to Auckland and drive them back down. They made it here in time for dinner on Saturday night! I think the boys hugged them for 30 minutes straight when they walked through the door.

Fast forward to this afternoon – Ceirdwyn’s birthday party! I’ve always called her my little bunny. From the time she was hopping around in my belly, it’s just been my name for her. Then, she cut her top teeth first (just like Zollie did) and the name really took on new meaning. I planned a bunny rabbit birthday party 🙂

I made carrot cake cupcakes that looked like bunny rabbits. Here are the action shots:

Carrot cake is best made with 1/2 carrot and 1/2 crushed pineapple. *nod*

Cooling on the rack – my house smelled SO GOOD!

Cream cheese icing might be the most delicious thing on earth.

A quick dip in some finely ground coconut for a “furry” effect…

Add some chocolate chips for the eyes and nose, chocolate syrup for the mouth, and vanilla wafers for ears, and the bunny comes to life!

Multiply by 30 (hey, the are rabbits after all!)

Then it was time to party down! A few friends joined us and we had a wonderful time! Here’s the beautiful bunny birthday girl!

 Ceirdwyn didn’t quite know what to do with her cupcake at first…

…but she quickly figured it out.

My inlaws got their first taste of Hokey Pokey ice cream…

…and then it was time to open gifts!


Daddy's girl 🙂

 On my first birthday, I got a doll that I named Heidi. She was my very favorite doll my whole childhood. I was so happy to be able to pass her on to Ceirdwyn on her first birthday!

We had such a wonderful time today! Ceirdwyn got tons of beautiful clothes, fun toys, and another very special handmade dollie from her Gammy. We are feeling so blessed that my inlaws made it here safely (even if their suitcases are still stuck in Sydney) and that they got to be here for Ceirdwyn’s birthday!



  1. Happy Birthday Ceirdwyn!

  2. firs of all girl….it’s coconut not pineapple he he he I think you were still recovering from the flu! she is such a cutie pie I am so glad they made it and I hope everyone is having a great time!!!!

    • DOH! I fixed it! (they really do have pineapple IN them, though!

  3. I’m so glad It all worked out!!! Sorry about the flu, but praise the Lord, it did not mar the celebration with family and friends. WOW about the flight stuff!
    Horray, Ceirdwyn got Heidi!!!

  4. Thank you for this lovely blog. I am also an American who just moved to New Zealand. I’ve been here about 6 weeks. It’s quite an adventure, but I love it here.

    • Nice to “meet” you, Steve! What brought you to NZ? And what area are you living in?

  5. I really enjoy looking at on this web site , it has got great posts .

    • Thanks so much!

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